The Corona wake-up call: take the next step in digitization and automation

Slowly we are coming to a standstill of the economy, at least, most of the economy that is. The most impacted industries being obviously the travel and hospitality industry.  Or in general, when you work in the people’s facing business, you will face a hard time. But, isn’t every business a people’s facing business, and if not, how can we keep them operational in times of total lockdown? 

First response

At this moment, it is all about crisis management. Reduce the pain of the sudden lockdown. It will have an impact, of course. Goods aren’t ordered and shipped anymore in the same volumes as before the Corona crisis. We all need to work at home and keep companies and businesses up- and running online. A challenge for sure, but very viable in the current digital day and age. In the peak of this crisis established technologies like Teams, Office365 and virtual workplaces will reduce some operational pain.

Prepare differently, become less human sensitive

But what are you going to do after you managed the crisis? The effects and impact of the crisis will resonate for a long time. A second virus wave is not impossible next winter season, and you need to deal with the effects of the 1st wave even. So it’s best to rethink your digital organisation. It’s an opportunity to learn from the impact and operational challenges your organisation is faced with. What processes can become less human sensitive? What can you do to create continuity in a world where the human factor can come to a standstill as we learn now by experience from the corona crisis? What are the drivers of continuity? Which values and assets can be created and added that create continuity?

Can technology like RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain help you overcome the effects of the current crisis and will they prepare you even better for the next crisis? 

Human power combined with strong digitization

We strongly believe in human power, but, combine that with strong digitization and automation. In our vision, this the moment to start with advanced automation. Our partner vElement is one the fastest growing RPA/AI solutions companies in India. Do you want to learn more about their impressive use cases?

Learn about vElement here.

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