Marketing development & lead generation

Proven marketing techniques

Marketing and lead generation is neglected by many IT companies. It’s almost a necessary evil. By nature, it also does not fit into the DNA of a technical company that mainly wants to provide technical solutions. But you need marketing to find and reach new customers, to grow. IT service providers do organise marketing activities such as conducting a telemarketing campaign, a new website, attending an event, and so on. But that does not ensure lasting growth.

How do you ensure lasting growth? Growth where you bind the right customers to you. Customers who have an eye for your added value and are addressed by your story. To achieve this growth, it is important to know who your ideal customer is and what the challenges and opportunities are for that customer.


The magic word here is relevance to your target audience.

You become relevant if you ensure that your message is recognisable for your new customers. You can discover this by first empathizing with your client’s world. Through a good mix of knowledge of his organisation, technology in his market and human behavior, you can put together a message that is stimulating and challenges the customer to look with you at the possibilities that IT can offer.

Let us build that funnel

Growth means more of everything. More leads, more sales, more customers, more profits. It sounds simple, but how do you start? Using a series of steps, you will build a well-rounded sales funnel.


Your Go-to-market

Take the right steps toward new customers and turn your accidental successes into lasting success. Start developing your unique go-to-market. A good go-to market includes:

  • Ambition, goals
  • DNA, identity, USPs
  • Ideal customer, target groups, relevant themes
  • Portfolio, offerings, value proposition
  • Validation with customers and in the marketplace.

Growth hacking

Growth hacking is an approach to quickly and effectively achieve growth through creative and data-driven experimentation, outside of traditional marketing methods. Continually test and compare different ideas to determine what works. Experiment with different customer approaches and new product features, without spending a lot of money on traditional marketing efforts.


Relevant stories

Creating content that resonates comes from truly understanding what matters to your customers. Show that you know their frustrations and problems. Create stories that connect to customer questions and developments. Show leadership and expertise by highlighting issues from a different perspective.

Here’s how we approach it

For us, marketing is approaching and informing your target audience in such a way that they want to start a conversation with you about your services, about how you can help them further. How do you strike up a conversation with your new potential client? This process includes a number of steps.


It starts with preparing your marketing campaigns. Together we find who your ideal client is and in what target groups we find them. Then we will find out what relevant developments are going on there that you can capitalise on in terms of content. Then we put together the plan with the content hierarchy and the methods of how we are going to approach your target audience, and keep them informed and enticed.


After the preparation, we also carry out the marketing activities for your organisation. Depending on how we can best connect with your target audience, we will execute lead campaigns. This could be social media, email, advertising, event or other (combination of) marketing campaigns. We do this with various marketing automation tools and based on growth hacking. With this, we research and monitor what the most successful methods and content are and deploy accordingly.

New leads

With this, we deliver you new leads in your market. Organizations that want to know more about you and start the conversation with you. In the process, we deliver you more brand awareness in the market.

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