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In an ever-changing market, it is a challenge to remain unique and distinctive. How do you ensure that customers continue to find you and that you can continue to grow? To achieve this, you must be recognisable to your new customer. What value does technology have for your target group?

With solutions that are really tailored to your target group, you can target the market. Optimise your portfolio, sales & marketing to achieve lasting growth.

We help you with that.


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why Force21

How we help you

Force21 helps IT service providers to be successful in their market. Developing new solutions that meet the requirements of the ever-changing IT market and customer needs is what we are good at.

With a focus on sales, portfolio and marketing, we enable new growth for IT service providers.


A good strategy determines the success of your growth. How do you develop your strategy? And what does this do for your organization?



To find new customers, you have to actively enter the market. How do you create a recognisable message that reaches the right target group?



A good portfolio creates value for you and your customer. How do you optimise your business value with your portfolio?

portfolio innovation


Improve your sales and conversion by selling value instead of technology and features. How does sales help your customer in their buying process?


Reference case


Claranet, an ambitious and renowned IT provider, was looking for a sparring partner to sharply define a new proposition. As an expert on the MSP market, Force21 has been asked to think along about the strategy, to provide support during this process and to help take a broader view.

After a number of inspiring sessions, where difficult questions were not avoided, their boundless IT emerged as one of the hidden strengths. This has been further rolled out in their new Borderless IT proposition. The first customers are already on board.

An enthusiastic team

About Force21

We are seasoned marketers, product developers and successful sellers with years of experience in the field of Cloud, Hosting, Service Providing and SaaS. Our expertise lies in introducing products and services, repositioning in existing markets and executing business development processes.

We help IT Service Providers to be successful in their specific market. Developing new business solutions that meet the requirements of the ever-changing IT market and customer needs is what we are good at. By focusing on sales, portfolio and marketing, we enable rapid growth for IT Service Providers.