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Marketing as a service

Marketing for Managed Service Providers

Marketing is essential for any Managed Service Provider (MSP). However, having your own marketer is expensive and not versatile enough.

Force21 has experienced marketers and knows the sector well. We offer Marketing as a Service : a flexible, cost-efficient solution with a team of experts to achieve your marketing objectives.

What does it yield?

  • Leads for marketing and sales
  • Database with relevant contacts
  • Insight into current themes within your target group
  • Better awareness in your target group
  • Acceleration in the commercial process
  • Time saving for the marketing team


View our clear packages, tailored to your marketing needs: from a solid start with the Basic Package to tailor-made solutions for specific strategic challenges.


Get off to a good start with marketing


Start marketing as an IT company.

Inform your customers and prospects of the latest developments.

We use content to put you on the digital map.


package contents


  • 6 x Blog
  • 12 x Social post
  • 12 x Social ads
  • 1 x Rich content (e-book or video)
  • 1 x Newsletter
  • 1 x Mail campaign
  • 1 x content pillar
  • 1000 contacts database
  • Reports
  • Biweekly consultation


  • Website analytics
  • Landing pages
  • Additional contacts in database
  • Searchmachine optimalisation
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts

Most chosen package


Lead generation package


Are you looking for more interaction with your customers and prospects?

This package provides enough traction to keep in touch with them.

package contents


  • 13 x Blog
  • 26 x Social post
  • 26 x Social ads
  • 2 x Rich content (e-book and video)
  • 1 x Webinar or podcast
  • 2 x Newsletter
  • 2 x Advanced mail campaign
  • 2 x content pillar
  • 2 x 1000 contacts database
  • Reports
  • Weekly meeting
  • A/B testing


  • Website analytics
  • Landing pages
  • Additional contacts in database
  • Searchmachine optimalisation
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts


    For specific wishes

    to be determined

    Do you have specific wishes? Then the customized package is the ideal choice.

    We create a package that is specially tailored to you specific wishes and requirements in terms of results.

    package contents

    Not all marketing solutions can be offered in a standard package.

    Our tailor-made package is a flexible solution that allows us to delve deeper into special marketing issues and strategies that fit seamlessly with your business objectives.

    Contact us for the possibilities.

    prices in euros per month and excluding VAT

    We offer three packages with a fixed monthly price for clear budgeting and continuous online visibility.

    The Basic Package is ideal if you are just starting with marketing to attract new customers. If you want to work more intensively with marketing to generate leads, then the Plus package is your choice. The customized package is specially tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

    Here’s how we approach it

    We believe that thorough preparation leads to successful marketing campaigns.

    We therefore start with a preparatory workshop.

    Here we dive into depth together to get your positioning crystal clear. Together we sketch the profile of your ideal customer, sharpen the focus on your target group, and determine your portfolio and the theme of your marketing strategy. This is the solid basis of the marketing campaigns.

    We then develop the content pyramid that serves as a common thread for your campaigns. We set up the campaign with a marketing calendar, the content topics and mail flows and configure this in our marketing automation tooling.

    Once everything is set up, we can approach the target groups and together put your organization on the map.


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