Fulfill your ambitions

Growth strategy for IT Service Providers

The world of Managed Service Providers continues to change. We see several changing customer needs, new providers and solutions entering this market. Margins are coming under pressure as a result. So you will have to find another method in which you can grow your organisation again. What your company needs now is a clear strategy.

Where do you want to be in three, five or even ten years? What does your company look like, what kind of provider are you? Why do customers stay with you, how do new customers hook up with you and how do you increase the monthly value per customer? You can answer these questions by setting up a clear strategy.

Sharpen your strategy

What do you stand for as a company now and what is your position in a few years? To determine your strategy, we cover the following topics:


Your ambition

Change and growth start with your ambition. How high do you want to set the bar? What is your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)? The daring dot on the horizon where you want to go? We help you
to think beyond your own limits in a stimulating, inspiring way.


Your goals

Based on your ambition, you must set the right goals in order to realise them. Formulate the measurable objectives for the coming periods.

  • Doubling your customer base in twelve months.
  • Quadruple Lifetime Customer value.
  • Become market leader in a market segment.
  • Grow faster than your direct competitor.

Your identity

For your strategy, a recognizable identity of your organisation for your customers is of great importance.
Do they recognise you as a valuable partner for now and in the future? Go into the DNA of your organisation and your motivations to formulate your identity.


Your performance

You set up your new go-to-market plan based on this strategy. This plan includes the design and process of your marketing, sales and portfolio activities to achieve your goals.

Here’s how we approach it

We take you on a journey while setting up your strategy. A journey to your new future. Our methods consist of workshops, interviews and market research, but in a different way you are used to or expect. Creative, out-of-the-box, unconventional, sometimes confrontational, with knowledge of your market and co-suppliers.

Ambition, goals, results

Together with your management and stakeholders, we discuss your current situation and services, as well as where you wish to end up. Where you want to go in terms of ambitions, objectives and measurable results. Together with the market developments in your target groups, we arrive at a renewed or sharpened strategy.

Elaborate and execute

We elaborate this strategy in a handy report. In this we indicate where your strengths lie, what you should develop in terms of portfolio, go-to-market and organisation. It is the guideline for your teams to make the implementation of their work even more focused.

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