Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial Due Diligence

Why a Commercial Due Diligence?

Are you considering an acquisition, investment or other transaction? Get it. You want more than numbers. You want insight. Quick and concrete. That’s what Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) delivers.

  1. Market position: Where does the target company really stand? Not assumptions, but hard facts.
  2. Customer relationships: Strong or weak? Temporary or long-term?
  3. Growth opportunities: Are there opportunities? Where exactly?

Our Commercial Due Diligence at Force21 cuts through the noise. Expect more than the superficial book review. You will gain keen insights about now and the future. No surprises, just clarity.

Components Commercial Due Diligence investigation

Taking over a business or investing? Then you don’t want to get lost in the details. You want to get to the core. Immediately. At Force21, we serve you the essence of your target’s commercial DNA. Quick and concrete.


Client Portfolio

The client portfolio highlights what you’re really buying: current value and stability. Analyzing these thoroughly will give you certainty about your investment and insight into any challenges and the potential opportunities.

  • Contracts: What is stipulated? Duration and reliability?
  • Customer satisfaction: Satisfied customers? What does this say about lasting business?
  • Critical customers: Who are essential to revenue? Future pain points?
  • Opportunities and risks: Where can you grow? What pitfalls do you avoid?

Maturity of commercial team

Who drives the business? Are they ready for growth?

  • Team: Structure and skills. Ready for the future?
  • Performance: How well are they doing? Measuring against benchmarks.
  • Culture: Satisfied team? Motivated?
  • Areas of improvement: Where is potential? What are the weak links?

Portfolio analysis

What are they selling? What is the potential value?

  • Core Portfolio: Core Products and Services. Quick insights.
  • Pricing strategy: competitive? Valuable?
  • Roadmap: What are the plans? Growth in sight?
  • Yield: How profitable is their offering?

Assessment commercial process

How do they win customers? How efficient?

  • Process: From prospect to customer. How smooth?
  • Collaboration: Sales, Marketing, Portfolio. Well matched?
  • Funnel: How do leads move? Fast conversion?
  • Lead times: How quickly does a lead become a customer?

Go-To-Market (GTM).

How are they performing in the market? Quick essentials.

  • Value proposition: what makes them unique?
  • Market position: Against competitors. Strong?
  • Growth Opportunities: Where is untapped potential?
  • Market challenges: Potential stumbling blocks?

Instant insight. No waste of time. Force21 delivers.

That’s how we do it at Force21:
direct and profound

No time to waste. You have a decision to make. We provide you with the in-depth information you need right away. Our market knowledge? Frenzied and unbeatable. We scan your target from A to Z, now and looking to the future.

Our due diligence report? Customization, without fluff. You immediately see where you stand. Are you going to invest? We give you a clear plan of action. Look ahead, make decisions and avoid surprises. Force21 is your shortcut to clear insights.

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