streamline sales processes

Closing the deal

Are your salespeople mostly concerned with finding new customers and contacts? Watch out! The current customer orientates himself mainly online in his buying process. As a result, before they engage with you, they are already aware of your offer and that of your competitor. Make sure that you interest your customer in your services at an early stage. Sales must help your prospects move forward in their buying process.

That way, you create the opportunity to really sell value and contribute to your customers’ success. In doing so, sales must strike a good balance between market knowledge, personal approach, customer perspective and customer journeys. This allows him to convert more prospects into valuable customers. Customers who value your product or service, and develop a long-term relationship with you.

More conversion with sales

Everyone wants better sales results. But where do you start if you want to improve your sales? And what does that mean specifically? To improve, you will first need to know where you stand.

How is your sales funnel structured and can you forecast well? On average, how long does it take for a prospect to become a customer? What is the average value per customer and how do you increase it?

With clear answers to these questions, you can improve your sales. We will help you with this.


Sales process? Buying process!

Let your team focus not on your sales process, but on your prospects’ buying process. During your prospect’s buying process, sales must build and maintain a relationship. You do this by sharing information relevant to him. Create awareness and help him decide. Listen and recognise your prospect’s problem. Feed him with relevant information about that situation.


Influencing the decision

Every day, a person makes about 35,000 decisions. Only 0.25% of that was taken consciously. Subconscious influence must be part of your sales approach. The application of sales techniques that influence the unconscious brain. In sales, this is called Neuro Sales. It includes many methods and techniques, such as priming, credibility, nudging and price gouging.


Selling value

Too often we see sales in the IT industry primarily selling technology, functionality and knowledge. To sell more value, your sales must address customer needs and the value of your services. Help sales to develop in terms of content knowledge, personal development and the process toward the deal.

Here’s how we approach it

We help your sales better engage the content conversation with your leads and prospects and score more deals. Too often, sales in the IT industry involve a lot of sending and moving too quickly into offering your technology or services. We help your sales teams sell based on the value of your services to your prospects.

Starting the conversation

We do this by first talking to your sales team and doing an assessment. What are their strengths, what are their personal qualities that they can use in the conversation with your customers? We work together with SalesStep, which creates a complete picture of your sales teams.

Selling more value

With this assessment and our knowledge of the sales profession, we can train, mentor and coach your sales people to sell more value. Value that your services provide for your customers. We help them outline perspective for your prospects, go into their situation, and outline the benefits, opportunities, as well as challenges for their organisation.


We offer training and/or guidance programs for this. With a combination of theory and practice from the IT market, we help you further professionalise your sales.

With our programs, you get sales that convert more leads, and customers that enter into more valuable contracts with you.

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