Force21 team

An enthusiastic team

About Force21

We like to do things a little differently. We distinguish ourselves by looking at the market in an innovative and creative way. Our way of thinking leads to unique results and new solutions for our customers. With our experienced team, we help our clients achieve their goals and grow their business.

The Force21 team consists of seasoned marketeers, product developers and successful salespeople with years of experience.

Thijs van Hofwegen


Thijs has extensive commercial experience with various IT providers. He is driven to develop new business for clients. Mainly focused on the solution and the value of technology.

Tjarko Kwee

Managing Partner

Tjarko is a very experienced commercial director who has worked at various hosting and cloud providers. He is driven to make recurring business possible, while monitoring the results.

Robert Stroomberg

Associate partner

Robert is a highly experienced international commercial manager with a long history in the IT industry. He has a strong entrepreneurial mindset which has resulted in new business and revenue growth.

Mike Nuijs

Marketing Manager

Mike has a broad and many years of experience in (online) marketing. He combines his knowledge of online marketing, content creation and social advertising to support our clients with their marketing issues and campaigns.

Daniël Philipsen

Digital Marketing

With extensive experience in online marketing on both agency and client side - with various hosting and cloud providers - Daniël understands better than anyone what it takes to achieve online results.

Michael Tan

Business Development

Michael has extensive experience in various roles at various IT suppliers and consultancy firms. He operates on the cutting edge of often disruptive innovations and commerce.

Erik Simons

Business Development

Erik has a career with a wide range of different commercial functions and activities. He helps service providers with a holistic view of commerce and success.

Chantal Verweij


Chantal works on trend-oriented innovation and has the ability to translate high-level strategic frameworks into pragmatic innovation steps. She is an expert content marketer and an inspirational speaker.

Ronald Edwards

Strategic Marketeer

Ronald is a value-driven creative strategy marketer who translates the DNA, ambition and basic value into substantive marketing strategies and execution.

Ilse Naves-Scheidel


As a former IT business analyst, she knows what information IT customers look for on the internet and how to match this by translating technical IT language into clear, informative white papers and blogs.

Lisa Schoonderbeek


Communication and content creator in heart and soul. Translates ideas into creative designs, brings various forms of communication to life and develops successful websites.