Portfolio innovation

Building added value for the customer

Create value with your portfolio

A portfolio that sells itself. A portfolio that supports your strategy. Combine your core value, market demand and technological development in a strong portfolio that creates value for you and your customer.

Do you sometimes feel that your portfolio is a representation of all the services you have ever offered? Or perhaps that your portfolio is an extension of your most important suppliers? An unbalanced portfolio is like having one leg on the boat and one leg on the dock. If both sides remain stable, it is doable. However, in the current market where developments are taking place at lightning speed, this is not possible. Then there is a good chance that you will end up between two stools.

In order to build a balanced, future-proof portfolio, you must continue to create value for the customer. Where do you make the difference for your customer? We work with a method that understands the patterns of value creation. Use our experience and skills to develop a portfolio of services that customers really want.

Portfolio innovation

Building customer value in your portfolio, by translating and packaging the future needs of your customers into a balanced set of solutions. That’s what it’s about.


Building solutions

Don’t build your solutions as isolated sets of functions and technologies, but as a balanced portfolio, where the customer can easily use different functions. Building solutions is all about creating an attractive portfolio that matches the buyer’s choice process on both rational and emotional aspects.


Pricing strategy

What is the right price? Setting up targeted pricing models for different markets, regions or market segments can make a big difference in overall customer value. However, never underestimate the power of transparency in today’s times. Always be prepared to carefully justify price differences by substantiating the differences in the services and solutions offered.


Innovative road map

An innovative roadmap takes into account the trends in the market and the requirements of the “future” customer. Stand above the buzzwords and hypes. Start developing innovations at product and market level that meet the requirements of both current and new customers.


Up & Cross sell

By tracking customer needs and analyzing usage data, you can identify both cross- and up-sell propositions. These will offer clear benefits to your customers and directly contribute to increasing your margin. In addition, cross- and up-sell opportunities increase customer value, which contributes to continued growth.

Here’s how we approach it

Renewing your portfolio is mainly aimed at optimising the value of your services for your customers and your organisation. What has helped your customers the most now and in the future? Which parts of your services have the most margin, turnover or turnover? What kind of knowledge do you have? What do we see happening in the market?

Insight and advice

We help you map out the current situation of your portfolio, and then advise you on how to innovate. We can then further implement this advice together with your organisation. With knowledge of your services, providers and your market, we help you develop a balanced and future-proof portfolio. A portfolio that makes your business more scalable and offers more value.

We can do this as guidance for your own portfolio organisation or by offering portfolio managers in your organisation.

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