Business Development

Business Development

Entering a new market

Many IT service providers respond to the opportunities they are presented with or accidentally encounter. Such as new products from suppliers, questions from customers and market developments. This ensures steady growth, especially with existing customers or in an existing market. At the same time, it is becoming a replacement market, with margins shrinking rather than increasing. You are relatively still.

And that while you can grow much faster by reaching new markets or developing original solutions. You can think of offering your existing services abroad, or setting up a new solution within your existing target group and customers.

Develop business from scratch. That is a profession in itself, for which you need specialists. Specialists who can deliver the first steps and successes well, without too many commercial materials.

That’s what Force21 can deliver. A team that takes you along in the initial development of that new market.

Business development is not sales

Many companies think they can open a new market by appointing a sales person. But in practice that doesn’t work. By thoroughly preparing your proposition and approach, and by selecting the right people to implement it, opening a new market will be a success.



What services and propositions do you offer? What is happening in that market? Which customers are we going to target, how do we get in touch with them and what is your unusual offer?

We make a plan with you to help you enter new markets in a controlled manner.


Market approach

Very focused, we look for the first customers for your services. We do this with social media, relationships or targeted, smaller marketing campaigns. In addition, we enter into the first conversations with you to arouse further interest.


Offer & Contract

We prepare the quotations together with your organisation. We ensure that the offer is attractive to prospects and fits your organisation. We also supervise the negotiations, in order to win over the first customers.


Repeat and transfer

After the first customers have been contracted and are operational, we turn them into references. With this burden of proof and a more standardised offer, we repeat this with other prospects. After there are enough customers and turnover, we transfer the further expansion to your regular sales & marketing organisation.

This is how we do it

Exploring and entering a new market is an art in itself. It takes a thorough preparation, in which your proposition and approach are discussed. The market approach is an exciting phase. Is the target group really waiting for you and your services? Good conversations form the basis for interest and later negotiations.

We support your organisation in this entire process. The results are a new value proposition, new customers and the kick-start of your business in a new market or for your new service.

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