Unconscious Influencing in B2B Sales & Marketing

unconscious decision-making

Unconscious Influencing in B2B Sales & Marketing

In the world of Business to Business (B2B) marketing & sales, we want to influence the rational buying process. In particular, IT companies share information that resonates with the conscious minds of their audiences. Most of them excel at sharing benefits, features, characteristics, price and many other tangible aspects of their product and/or service. The what and how of the offering.

IT companies’ websites and content target potential buyers who are already aware of their need and situation. This is because most IT people believe that buyers are looking for their technology on a daily basis. The reason lies within their technical background and DNA.

In doing so, they forget two things:

  • the buying process begins well before their audience is aware of it
  • 90 to 95% of human decision-making occurs without using the conscious mind

Download our white paper to learn how to share information on a more effective method. How to address the people behind the B2B decision-making process. How to unconsciously influence in B2B Sales & Marketing.

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