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What we do

We create a sustainable business by implementing and executing successful commercial structures and activities. We use the latest Marketing, Sales and Innovation insights and frameworks to drive your success.

  • Strategy
    The essence of growth lies in defining your strategy. We create company focus and a distinctive value positioning in your market.
  • Marketing
    We master the art of influencing your target market. We help you in branding, positioning, informing, seducing and activating.
  • Portfolio Innovation
    We build business value in your portfolio. Translate and package the future needs of your customers in a balanced set of solutions.
  • Sales
    We help convert your prospects into new customers. By balancing market knowledge, personal attitude and prospect journeys.

Key element in creating success is building a completely aligned commercial process.

sustainable business

How we work

Leveraging the potential of a company, means getting back to basic. Back to
the DNA, Ambition and Identity of your company. The core values you provide.
What are you goals and ambitions for over 5 years, or even 10 years?
From that base, we help adjust, adopt and install commercial models.
We have experienced to be successful to leverage a companies’ potential.
Our value is to help you seize the potential you have in the market.

We have a three step approach in to helping you leap forward
in your commercial execution and results:



With interactive workshops we dive into your situation. We make use of the latest developments in the commercial world.



Analyse & Advise
Asses and tell your situation, how you can realize growth, short term and long term



Adjust & Activate
We execute complete programs, to install or improve your growth strategy based on your commercial operation



We are Force21

Force21 is a team of international commercial professionals. We are:

Commercial drive

The Force21 team consists of seasoned marketeers, experienced product developers and targeted sales. We distinguishing ourselves of knowing the latest insights. And understanding the do’s and don’t in generating results. We have helped implementing new brands in new countries. Have repositioning solutions in the market. Set up market strategies and campaigns for new solutions. And executed new business development for new countries.

Cloud Born

Our team has been active at subscription and service based companies. Varying from large international Telecom operators to small regional operating IT providers. We understand the power and value of monthly subscription models. We know the basic rules of making a monthly subscription solution a success. We combine theoretical backgrounds with practical experiences, both successful as unsuccessful.

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