What is your DNA Service Provider?

Since the summer, we started many new customer campaigns. The market is in development. IT providers are adjusting themselves to seize the crisis opportunity, also read: The Dos and Dont’s in crisis communications. We always prepare the campaign with workshops, customer interviews and an external web and services review, before helping our new customer forward in their ambition.

Not all our customers understand this. They feel that they have sufficiently informed their clients by handing over product fact sheets, sales and marketing collateral and some background. What we receive can be categorised in one of the following value statements:

  • “We have the best people”
  • “We use the latest technology”
  • “We have 20 Microsoft certified engineers”
  • “We have the best platform”
  • “We deliver the best quality”
  • “We deliver the modern workplace”

You’ll get the idea I guess.

We have the best people?

So also, that this doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for your target audience. Moreover, you should ask a straightforward question, and maybe two.

First of all, what does it mean? What is the best quality, what is the modern workplace, what is the best platform? Secondly, what does it mean for your customer? Why should they care that you have the best people (never heard anybody say otherwise by the way) and that they are certified? What’s in it for them at all?

It says absolutely nothing.

So, who are you, and what do you solve?

Differentiation is vital in an IT market that is becoming more and more comparable. Several providers adopted the modern workplace, Microsoft terminology. The remote workplace is more or less the same established term and service acknowledgement.

Differentiation starts with your core value, your DNA and your identity. Although maybe a bit overhyped, the Golden Circle of Simon Sinek does work here. See the video on the right. It is not what, and how you deliver that distinguishes yourself, it is why you do it.

But that is only one aspect of your identity. Other elements are your personal history, the region you are active in, the way you work, your beliefs, your life philosophy, your.. well, it is all about your values that are important to share. Essential to make meaning.

Make meaning for your customers for your target audience. Another DNA thing. Why on earth do you want to deliver your services to a specific group of people or organisations? Why do you want to be strong in children daycare institutes, or mental health organisations, or construction companies? Why them? Or better, think of a what a customer would trigger on most, why do you want to help them?

So, you are in the cloud. Who cares?

Well, that is a bit unfair. Your prospect, suspect or target audience does care. Better yet, it is a bit of a disqualifier if you are not active in the cloud. But, he cares, again, in knowing what’s in it for him. He tends to understand why you are active in the cloud, what value it may bring him, and…. How it stands out to all the other providers in that market.

And here we come again. It is about your DNA and Identity, combined with your vision of cloud and the business value it may deliver. Sure you have the most flexible services, best-performing networks around it, 100% uptime, high-security level and all the rest of those boring cloud features. Sure, you do. All of your competitors too

But are you also the one that guides your prospect in that vast amount of meta terminology and features and the stickiness of making a choice. Because, yes, customers can change from one provider to another, but they intend to choose for the coming years, so help them decide.

What value can you provide?

You can start by providing trust. Trust that you deliver the advocacy of their business ambitions with the latest digitisation developments. Trust that you are the partner to provide technology that has a positive impact on their daily operations. Trust that you understand that operation too, as… align your DNA with their business activity.

As an example, we are helping a new managed services provider where the founders all have a can-do mentality. Do the work before you go home and have the drive to prove and show what technology can mean for a company. So, a good match founded in the construction and installation industry, for instance. The DNA’s match!

Another value is to operate and deliver your solutions according to the intensity of their business processes. As an example, in temporary staffing, the search and matching process is a daily intensive activity, necessary to make a match, and business-critical. However, not as critical as the salary payment of the temporary staffing, which MUST perform, but which is not so intense. Do you deliver the same service for the different processes? I hope not.

Challenge us!

Show us that you do understand your DNA. Understand your value for your match in the target group; hope is that you got this. As our meaning, we hope that the IT provider can show and share their technology beauty. We believe technology will help the economy further, and you are the cornerstone of that movement.

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