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Think carefully about your business positioning

A strong business positioning means that you have found your place in the marketplace. You know what you stand for as a company, what your image and target audience are, and how you stand out from the competition. This is obviously the ideal situation, but for many companies this is not at all clear. So you need to think about your business positioning. This need not apply only to first-time startups. Even as an existing business, for example, you may need a changed business positioning. With good positioning in the market, you as a company are visible and recognisable.

A good strategy for business positioning in IT is important

A sound strategy is necessary for a strong business positioning in IT. There are several factors that determine strategy. The best-known factor, of course, is price. For example, you can position yourself as a price fighter and be the cheapest relative to the competition. Perhaps you have an innovative product that your competitors do not offer, then position yourself in the market through product specification. A tricky but highly desirable factor these days is feeling. If you can convince consumers that your brand is the best or even necessary, they will want to buy your product or service. So there is a lot involved in business positioning in IT.

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