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Sell in a virtual way

Who could have guessed that within a period of weeks we would all be at home? We wonder what is happening in the world? The health situation is serious; people suffer and die. We live on the news. With the latest updates on progress at any time.

The situation has major consequences for the global economy. A recession is near. But you and I are wrestling with other issues right now. For example, with keeping our company running. And if you are active in marketing and sales, can you keep your sales funnel at a healthy level?

Underground business creation

Many of the entrepreneurs have gone ‘underground’. A virtual economy is emerging. In which we coordinate and execute internal and external activities and processes online. For marketing and sales, this is the reality of today. The business does not stand still because of this. Demanding for sure, but there are still opportunities. You can still do business. Here are our experiences from other customers.

In this virtual business period, two things will drive people to take new initiatives and opportunities:

  1. Time
    Due to the effectiveness of online meetings and online collaboration, most of your target group has been given time as a gift. Where the CIO, CFO, influencers, decision makers and sponsor didn’t have time to go through your mail, blog, white paper or other relevant information, they now have time to dig in and read.
  2. Need
    The executives are of course dealing with the current crisis, but also want to prepare for the sequel. We are heading for a recession. And cost savings and optimizing and improving operations will prevail. Companies and institutions are looking for solutions that increase their turnover. Or solutions that help them better cope with this recession.

So there is momentum and time. But, how can you approach this within your target group? How can you create traction and attention? If everyone is online and only works virtually?

Crisis Value Proposition

It all starts with your value proposition, which should be the basis for momentum in today’s market. How do your products and services bring value to the companies facing the crisis? Now, or when the lockdown is behind us. From a sincere and strong belief that you can help them and reduce the impact of this crisis. Do you want to know how? Read our article about the Crisis Value Proposition!

Call Baby, Call

From then on, creating attention and the first online meetings is quite easy. From a marketing perspective, you need to step up your content marketing execution. Share relevant topics and opinions about what you see happening and provide simple tips and tricks. Share the value in advance, But it is best to combine this with telemarketing. Here too we have more time and are therefore more open to contact, and it will be easier to get in touch.

In addition, your contacts are open to entering into these exploratory conversations. We see a strong increase in the first conversations. Prospects are open to learning what companies can offer to help them through the crisis. Also read your article Call Baby, Call.

So the first conversation is easy, but then the reality sets in, how do you create a relationship online? How can you take your relationship to the next level?


Do you want to know more or have a talk? Plan a call with Thijs van Hofwegen, the founder of Force21.

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