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Optimizing your MSP portfolio

As an MSP in the IT industry, it is natural to offer various products and services, often based on different vendors’ solutions. Consider the implementation of a new storage platform or the configuration of software packages. Thus, an average MSP builds a comprehensive array of products and services or portfolios.

The portfolio problem

The MSP-portfolio can quickly become complex. Every new product or service requires a clear description so that customers know what to expect. Moreover, a new customer may want something different from what you already offer, which requires adjustments in your quote, SLA, and service descriptions.

As your organization grows through commercial success, new and existing employees must know what they can offer and exactly what needs to be delivered to the customer. This applies both upon completion and during the term of the service contract. But how do you make sure customers are aware of your complete offerings? This brings us to portfolio management.

Portfolio Management

A crucial task for any IT service provider is portfolio management. Yet, for many MSPs, this task is not housed in a specific function but lies with management. Or maybe you’re that rare MSP with one or more portfolio managers, but that doesn’t mean your portfolio is in perfect order.

Managing a portfolio includes the following tasks:

  • Inventory & recording
  • Introducing
  • Phasing out

Commercial Portfolio

Many MSPs have a similar portfolio because they use the same vendors and underlying products and services. To stand out, it is essential to set up your portfolio correctly.

An excellent commercial portfolio includes the following elements:

  • Clients recognize their questions/problems/challenges in your services
  • Clients recognize suppliers’ underlying products
  • Clients know what services they are getting and at what price
  • Clients know where advancement opportunities exist


Focus on a unique customer group and align your portfolio with the needs and perceptions of these customers. This way, they recognize themselves in your offerings and understand the connection between your services. This is how to make the cloud jungle a logical story.

But how do you create such a unique portfolio? At Force21, we have years of experience in the MSP market and know the challenges involved. We can also help you optimize your portfolio. Contact our portfolio specialist, Tjarko Kwee, and take the first step toward a distinctive MSP portfolio.

A well-organized and unique portfolio can help your MSP company stand out in the competitive IT marketplace. You ensure a recognizable and coherent offering by targeting a specific customer group and tailoring your portfolio accordingly. Be inspired by Force21’s expertise, and start optimizing your portfolio today.

Please find out how Force21 can help your MSP company optimize its portfolio. Contact our portfolio specialist Tjarko Kwee today and take the first step towards a distinctive offering for your customers.


Do you want to know more or have a talk? Schedule a no-obligation appointment with Tjarko Kwee, Force21's portfolio specialist.

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