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How rational is your (potential) customer?

The IT world is a rational, mostly B2B-oriented world. Technology has the upper hand in this. With features and descriptions of how the technology works. And, of course, what features and benefits these technological solutions have. The power of digital technology has made the industry great, but honestly, the industry is still embryonic.

So too in the marketing and sales area. Many IT companies shout the value of technology from the rooftops. The zeros and ones are literally flying around your ears. That influence is all aimed at what we at Force21 call the rationally conscious buyer. The buyer who knows what technology means and knows how skilled or incompetent he is in it.

Influencing the conscious potential buyer is something we can actually all do. Someone looking for the most modern workstation, the fastest lines, the most flexible computing power, the most processors and so on is quick to find. We estimate that 90% of IT provider websites are targeted to this rationally aware buyer.

But what about the unaware and incompetent buyer? What about influencing the unconscious? Those human beings, including you and me, have already formed their opinions in milliseconds. Even far before we are aware (rationally) that we have an opinion, another human within a human actually?

So how do you influence them, how does that subconscious work in your (potential) contacts? Its basis lies in the functioning and construction of our brains. As a rational thinking person in IT, you may wonder what you gain from this. Why is that important to know?

I want to turn it around, by ignoring how unconscious choices are made in your new and existing relationships, preferences are formed, you can make huge blunders in marketing and sales. An example? Consider pricing. This price €100.00 literally hurts our brains much more than this: 99 euros.

Oh yes, and actually I should have written before this that there are as many as 1,000 examples and more. Funnily enough, your brain then figures out that that 99 euros (or €100.00? ) is not so bad.

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