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EOS Network Foundation & Zaisan!

In September, Force21, in collaboration with its partner Zaisan, launched a unique go-to-market campaign for Canada’s EOS Network Foundation. The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) is an association founded by enthusiastic EOSIO blockchain protocol developers and users. Due to various developments, the use and adoption of the EOSIO protocol have been on hold for a long time. From the conviction of the tremendous technological possibilities and the enthusiasm of the user community, ENF was founded to change this. And to give EOSIO the place it deserves.

What is EOSIO?

EOSIO is an OpenSource blockchain developed to create decentralised apps (dApps) as quickly as possible. With this, ENF ensures faster adoption among developers. The EOSIO network is still relatively new: the protocol is launched in mid-2018. In doing so, the protocol is designed to handle a lot of stability, speed and volume at low processing power. This created a highly sustainable blockchain solution that meets today’s needs and requirements.

The protocol built with it aims to facilitate many (micro) transactions. The network’s transaction costs are negligible, making microtransactions possible. It also allows developers to develop their applications on it, making EOSIO a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to Ethereum and Cardano, for example.

What is ENF?

ENF is a non-profit association established to ultimately increase the adoption of the EOS Network. More and more institutions and companies are starting to use this solution, and developers are developing more and more dApps.

To this end, ENF has developed a programme to expand the community of users and developers, further develop the technology of the OpenSource code and invest in dApps development.

ENF has developed a Software Framework to facilitate the development of dApps. This framework, Antelope, makes it easier to still build dApps on the EOSIO protocol without C++ knowledge.

ENF wants to publicise this further in the market, and for this purpose, it has selected Europe & Dubai as the first region to develop the adoption of the EOS Network further.

The European collaboration

ENF has engaged a blockchain knowledge partner for its strategy to further promote its ambition and goals in Europe: Zaisan. Zaisan has developed knowledge and products on the EOSIO protocol, right down to its European blockchain: Europchain.

Zaisan has approached its partner Force21 to help fill the business development team for this. With a team of three people, Force21 is helping Zaisan set up and implement ENF’s European go-to-market. A unique campaign in a rapidly developing market.

The first step in this go-to-market is to announce that ENF is here for the EOS community and that we want to develop the partner landscape and support dApps further. The Zaisan/Force21 has selected a roadshow of several Web3 and Tech events to proclaim this to the market in Amsterdam, London, Dubai, Lisbon and Cologne, among others.

With this, ENF takes the first step in the EOS Network’s growth towards the business blockchain protocol.


Do you want to know more or have a talk? Plan a call with Thijs van Hofwegen, the founder of Force21.

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