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Commercial continuity in times of crisis

We are in a crisis, no doubt about it. In the last thirty years I have never seen such an abrupt stop. Many of our clients are currently asking us whether it makes sense to continue their commercial campaigns and activities. Everyone is busy braving the crisis, we can’t meet, looking at offers and making decisions is on the back burner? This is indeed the case in certain sectors.

Stilstand, stand-by of Business as usual

The Corona crisis will have a huge impact on our economy, that’s for sure, but… but does this mean that any business or commercial activity will stop? No!

We see a new virtual world emerging within the business world. And, to be fair, we saw this several years ago. The online collaboration platforms have enabled us to collaborate online in a very professional and effective manner. We as Force21 are internationally active and use many online communication tools for this, such as Teams, Slack, Office365 or WhatsApp. Highly effective, efficient and productive. Now, in the first days of the Corona crisis, we see more and more people using these tools. We are all going online and working in virtual teams.

Still, having platforms to communicate and collaborate on doesn’t mean you’ll be commercially successful. It only changes the way of communicating.

Time to pay attention

The best advantage of the Corona crisis is that the business world, especially in the administrative and operational functions, is confronted with the fact that the work has to be done online. The employees will have time to get used to the new situation because the fixed meetings will be much more effective using the new techniques. Where normal internal meetings used to take hours, they are now more effective, if held at all. This means that your potential target group also has more time to familiarize yourself with the new way of working and to look for new solutions to become even more efficient. And it will!

This crisis is a wake-up call. We were all surprised by the speed and impact of this virus that, somewhere from China, also invaded our environment within a very short time and had a major impact. Didn’t we see this coming? We were not prepared? So your customers needed to make online work available to the entire company in no time to keep their business running? But, what can we do to minimize the impact of such a crisis in the future? Your customer will be open to relevant and valuable information about their crisis and how to respond to it.

As an IT Service Provider, you can help your customers if you build the right value proposition. And you can also tailor marketing to the right crisis message. Right now you can change your position as an MSP and make it more future-proof. So that you can also offer the customer a future-proof product.


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