Back to the office!

Besides the recent full lock-down, we see the light at the end of this tunnel. The rapid development of a Corona vaccine makes the view at the end of the lock-down. We also hear it in our conversations, people are looking forward to easing it by the government. They are looking forward to going back to the office in 2021! Which is very striking, of course, and logical at the same time.

Striking because companies have continued to work, even though the majority of the employees were sitting at home doing their work by a digital workplace. Of course, not everything went very smoothly, efficiently or completely, but, the daily work was carried out as usual.  This led to little to no traffic jams, an effective meeting culture, and high adoption of workplace technology. Excellent development, you might say.

But it also makes sense to go back to the workplace at the office, because there was a kind of social poverty after all. Above all, everyone wants to go back to the office to finally really talk to their colleagues. Work is not only a place to earn money, there is also a whole social drive behind it. We are and remain group animals.

Back to the old days?

So what does that mean for IT, and specifically for the MSP, the workplace provider, and other IT services? These services have exploded this year, both in new solutions and in use. In one fell swoop, companies had to work with Teams. So if they didn’t have them, rush orders flew into the provider. And if they did, companies mainly wanted to be helped with how to deal with the adoption of the resources in the organization and at the office employees.

But… There is also a downside to the digital workspace. As already mentioned, social poverty. But also, for example, digital control is still relatively unknown and therefore more difficult than expected. Or the guidance of people from HR. Think only of reviews and valuations. Processes also run well, but the real major innovations or innovations are slower internally than planned. The group creativity in an organization is lacking.

So how to proceed? Most workplaces have either been upgraded or delivered, or the budgets reserved for IT have been more than spent. The cake is out. And don’t forget that we are really in a crisis that will continue for some time to come. Recovery is coming, but it won’t be within a month. More technology isn’t the solution.

What can you do as a Service Provider?

This has an impact on the business of the IT service provider. Where does your growth lie?


Sell more resources

Trying to sell more workplace technology within the office. Perhaps smarter solutions, such as Microsoft that want to further support companies in their value through an Office E5 solution instead of an E3. That’s a replacement market for you, more sales, and a little more margin. We don’t think that’s where your real future value lies.


Learn to work hybrid

What does it mean that after the first run back to the office, people stay there? Would all the good lessons of working from home be thrown overboard? That’s lurking… managers who still like to have their people with them directly. Who let their fear of control assert itself again.

That is also one of the challenges of adoption. Of further exploiting the value of the IT resources. That may be where the future role of the IT provider lies. How to create more value by realizing a hybrid form of home and office workplaces. So no hybrid Cloud, but hybrid working.


Stimulating innovation

ls said, the innovation of companies is there, but at a different pace than before. There is also a role for a Service Provider.  Are you aware of your customer’s innovation calendar? In which areas is digitization on the agenda?   New technology is really going to make a huge difference in the long run.

How can your service play a role in this? Which discussion partner are you already in his innovation agenda and development? We see that the distance between the parts within an organization where innovation is determined and IT is still very large. Make that gap smaller!

Our advice is above all, think ahead!  Sit down with your own people, but especially with your customers. Because that’s also possible when everything opens up. Take care of COVID-evaluation or impact discussions with them. What have you learned together, and how do you move forward together?  Think beyond your own boundaries.

Because one thing we did learn, without technology the economy would have been dead. Now it is important to continue that value. Now it is up to you!

Do you want to know more about this? On 8 January 2021 we will organize a webinar on this subject. Get insight from our MSP team and from your colleagues in the market how you can take the next step here.

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