Reference case: Force21 gave us the right mindset started 22 years ago from the passion that IT can be so much better. If you use IT in a good way, the effect is much greater, was the thought of founder Leon Wijnhoven.

It showed, because the company has grown over the years with a wide range of services to customers in various sectors. In 2021 it was time to take the next step. The company wanted to grow and asked Force21 for advice on how best to do that.

We challenged them with provocative questions, which led to a unique concept with a clear focus.

Force21 clientcase InsignIT

Léon Lalieu | CEO

”The workshops mainly challenged to think differently. The portfolio had to make clearer what the contribution of the various services is to the objectives. What added value does the service have? How does this grow? How many customers do we have per service? What is the life cycle of this service? But also: who are we and what is our position?”