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The growing MSP market: opportunities and challenges


This article provides an in-depth overview of the growing MSP market in the Netherlands, focusing on opportunities and challenges facing companies. It discusses the importance of identifying and exploiting unique opportunities, navigating technological change and competing in a saturated market. Provides insight into developing strategies to meet these challenges and take your business to new heights.

In recent years, the MSP market in the Netherlands has experienced significant growth. Companies of all shapes and sizes are increasingly looking for reliable IT partners to support them in their digital transformation and help them stay competitive in a rapidly changing world. As an MSP in this dynamic market, you constantly face opportunities and challenges in expanding your business and delivering excellent services to your clients.

This article will examine the growing MSP market in the Netherlands, focusing on the key opportunities and challenges you face. We believe it is essential to have a well-informed and forward-thinking mindset to be successful in this highly competitive environment.

Opportunities in the MSP market

The IT market in the Netherlands is growing and offers numerous opportunities for existing and new MSPs. In this chapter, we discuss the opportunities presented by this growing market and how, as MSPs, you can exploit these opportunities to grow your business.

  1. Growing demand for managed services across sectors

The demand for managed services is growing steadily in various sectors, including healthcare, finance, education and the public sector. This growth is driven by factors such as digitalisation, increasing cyber threats and the need for efficiency improvements. By addressing the specific needs of these sectors, MSPs can differentiate themselves from the competition and enter new markets.

  1. The emergence of new technologies and their potential

New technologies such as cloud computing, AI, ML and IoT offer numerous opportunities for MSPs to expand your service offerings and help clients further optimise business processes. By embracing and integrating these technologies into your service portfolio, you can position your MSP as an innovative and future-proof partner for your clients.

  1. Opportunities to differentiate and compete on quality, price and service offerings

The MSP market is becoming increasingly competitive, but there are still opportunities for companies to differentiate themselves based on quality, price and service offerings. By investing in developing high-quality services, competitive pricing and a wide range of solutions, you can position your MSP as an attractive choice for potential clients.

Challenges in the MSP market

Although the MSP market in the Netherlands is growing and presenting opportunities, it also brings challenges. In this chapter, we discuss the main challenges facing MSPs, such as increasing competition, changing customer needs and technological developments.

  1. Increasing competition and market saturation

The MSP market in the Netherlands is becoming increasingly competitive and saturated, with many companies offering similar services. To compete in this market, MSPs need to differentiate themselves through a strong value proposition, a comprehensive service offering and excellent customer service.

  1. Rapidly changing technologies and the need to keep up

Technological change is happening rapidly, and MSPs need to constantly invest in keeping up with these changes to continue serving their clients effectively. This can be challenging, especially for smaller MSPs with limited resources and technical expertise.

  1. Attracting and retaining qualified staff in a competitive labour market

Finding and retaining qualified staff remains a challenge for MSPs in this highly competitive labour market. To attract and retain the right talent, MSPs must continue investing in training, professional development and competitive employment conditions.

How Force21 can help

As a commercial consultancy for MSPs, Force21 understands the opportunities and challenges faced by MSPs in the growing Dutch market. This chapter discusses how Force21 can help MSPs address these challenges and seize opportunities.

  1. Identifying unique opportunities for you in the marketplace

Force21 can help you identify unique opportunities in the MSP market by thoroughly analysing your business and the market in which you operate. Our experts will provide actionable insights and recommendations to optimise your service offering and market position.

  1. Strategic planning and business growth consulting services

Force21 offers strategic planning and business growth consulting services to help MSPs develop a clear vision and strategy for growth. Our team will work closely with you to define your business objectives and develop a tailor-made action plan to achieve them.

  1. Help in navigating the challenges of technological change and competition

Our experts at Force21 can help you navigate the challenges of technological change and competition by providing up-to-date knowledge and insights. We will support you in implementing new technologies, developing innovative services and building a resilient organisation that can thrive in a rapidly changing market.


Your success in the growing and competitive Dutch market depends on your ability to respond proactively to opportunities and challenges. Force21 helps MSPs achieve sustainable growth and be a future-proof alternative for clients.

Please don’t wait any longer, and contact Force21 today to find out how we can help your MSP grow and compete in the Dutch market. Together, we can work on building a successful and future-proof business.


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