Our Value Added Partner

We work with a set of partners that are specialized in specific
knowledge area’s or activities. We have partners in lead generation,
content creation, specific cloud expertise or solutions.


Nordic Sales Partner

ABCB is our partner in executing international sales campaigns. ABCB is a Norwegian based sales-as-a-service organisation, and acts as a growth enabler for small and medium sized companies who want to expand into new markets.


Empower Everyone to post Hot Leads

LeadX gives your whole organisation the power to post hot leads for your Sales. With a simple tool all your employees can register sales opportunities that your sales team can follow up. Empower your organisation!

MSP Navigator


MSP Navigator helps MSP’s manage, track, discover and compare products to improve their technology stack.


Capital Advisory

Redpeaks is a Vancouver-based capital advisory firm that helps and mentors early stage IT firms on seed, angel and venture financing as well as M&A. . Redpeaks also manages a portfolio of angel investments in IT, Healthtech and Cleantech.


Sales Team Assessment

Salesstep gives insight in the sales qualities of yourself, your team or your new colleagues; immediately.


Marketing Automation Partner

For marketing automation we make use of SharpSpring. Drive more leads. Convert them to sales. Optimize your marketing.


Market Insights

Focus 100% on the right customers through internal & external market analysis.