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We believe in sharing. We are sharing insights, sharing ideas, sharing relations, sharing knowledge. We want to make the difference by sharing relevant information. Trigger our connections, contacts, prospects, and target audience. Share valuable insights into our professional discipline.

We are a company that executes commercial campaigns. We help to improve the new business results for our customers. From that DNA, we share information on how we look at our commercial disciplines.  Like, what is the methods to engage with your target groups? How can you build a value proposition? What are the dos and don’ts in value sales?

But value is not only being relevant; it is also about being actual and understanding what is happening in the world at this moment and shortly.

Corona hit us all hard. Worldwide. And we are not there yet either. Now a lot of counties were able to solve the most critical situation, keeping most of us healthy. We need to cope with the economic crisis. This crisis delivers two central points to manage:

  1. All meetings and engagements are online
  2. Companies want to keep their money in the bank

And obviously, there is more impact and more insights into this crisis. We all manage it in our ways and methods to our insights.  We do share our thoughts and ideas on how you may cope with this situation. Some very practical do’s and don’ts—some ideas to keep your business going.

Yet, we do not only want to share our insights. We do like to share experiences from other people and relations around us. Customers, business friends, partners, associations, experts, and others will get a platform to share their thoughts about the COVID19 crisis.  We have set-up three questions that we will use during an interview. An online interview, of course…!

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