The virtual way of doing business as a sales

Who would have guessed that within a period of weeks, we are all sitting at home? We are wondering what is happening in the world? The healthcare situation is serious; people are suffering. No need to the point that out here, we are being flushed with news every minute more or less.

The situation has, of course, major impact on worldwide economies. Recession is at hand. But, you and I are struggling with other issues at this moment. Keeping your business up and running, for instance. And, if you are active in the field of marketing and sales, are you able to keep your funnel at a healthy level?

Underground business creation

A lot of the business has gone ‘underground’ if you will. A virtual economy is emerging. In which we align and execute internal and external activities and processes online. For marketing and sales, this is the reality of today. Business is not at a standstill because of this. Demanding for sure, but there are still opportunities. Let me share you why and where you can still do business coming from experiences with our customers too.

In this virtual business period, two things will make people explore new initiatives and opportunities:

  1. Time
    Due to the effectiveness of online meetings and alignments, most of your target audience has received the gift of time. Where the CIO, CFO, influencers, decision-makers and sponsor were out of time to read your mail, blog, white-paper or any other relevant information for him. They now have time to explore and read this.
  2. Need
    Executives are, of course, dealing with the current crisis but want to prepare also for what’s next. We are heading for a recession. And cost-cutting and optimizing and improving business will take the upper hand. Companies and institutes are looking for solutions that increase their sales. Or solutions that will help them face the period of recession.

So there is momentum and time. But, how can you address this within your target group and audience? How can you create traction and attention? When everybody is online and only working virtually?

Crisis Value Proposition

It all starts with your proposition as a solution for the need that is arising in the market. How do your services bring value to companies that are coping with this crisis? Now, or, when the major lock-down situation of this crisis is behind us. From, of course, a sincere and strong belief in how you can help to get them through the impact of this all. Want to know more? Read the article about Value Proposition!

Call Baby, Call

From then on, creating attention and initial online meetings is actually rather easy. From a marketing perspective, you should intensify your content marketing execution. Share relevant topics and opinions on what you see happening, and some easy tips and tricks. Share value upfront. But, you could best combine this with telemarketing. Again, we have more time, and hence, are more open for contact, and will contact easier.

Moreover, your contact persons are open to exploring this via a meeting online. As mentioned already, this is very effective. We see a steep increase in initial meetings. In with prospects are open to learning what companies can offer to get them through the crisis. Read also your article Call Baby, Call.

So, the initial meeting is easy, but then the reality kicks in, how to create a relation online? How can you bring your relationship to the next level?

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