The dreaded Corona-talk

At last, business is nearing the (new) normal. Finally, you start visiting clients again. And usually, the first ten minutes of your visit you will be talking about the COVID-19 events that you have been through.

Of course, this gets boring after a while.

But it gets more interesting if you realise that you can test the quality of your relationship with your client.

Want to know HOW?

In those first 10 minutes you and you your client are exchanging information in the COVID-19 situation. You make use of all kind of asking techniques. After those 10 minutes there are three different kind of information you have collected:


Impact on the Business

If after this talk you know what the consequences were for the business of the client and what actions they took:

Your client is a client


Action taken within the Business

If after this talk you also know how these actions were taken, what mistakes were made, what they learned from it and what their core-vulnerability for the implications of the virus is:

Your client is an enthusiastic client

The enthusiastic client is open for up- and cross-sell


Impact on me as a Person

If after this talk you also know how the client personally feels about the COVID-19 episode, if they let you in on their fears, anger or optimism.

Your client is a fan

A fan client is actively supporting you within his company and within his personal network.

Most of us, we subconsciously start talking about ourselves. What the COVID-19 crisis mean for us. And for our business. To come in the next level of relationship with your client you have to ask questions. Make use of powerful techniques and support him on the answers. By doing you give your client the confidence that you understand the problems he was facing. And even what the personal effect was.

By doing so you can create your own fans.

You see; it’s not how smart our questions are. Its how well we listen and how open our questions are that determines the quality of our communication.

Do you want to know more of the power of subconscious impact, read IMPACT of Harrie van den Berg and Genieke Hertoghs.

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