The Challenge of Lead Generation

Lead generation is a challenge in most commercial companies. But who creates leads? Is that Marketing? Or Sales? At Force21, we asked this question during our third Live Insights.

And most of the participants were doubting. At Force21, we believe that lead generation goes much further than just Marketing or Sales. After all, spotting leads is vitally important. That’s why everyone who cares about the company is a potential source of initial leads. That are all employees, ambassadors of the company, and all others who have a warm heart for the company.

But how should the follow-up of these leads take place? We need to take a step back. The best way to do that is to go back to the customer’s buying process.

Lead Generation to Support the buying process

It shows that a lead can be in different stages when it comes into contact with your company and also makes the responsibility of the lead different. Marketing is vital in the awareness and latent need phase. In these phases, Marketing can provide the lead with the right information at the right time. And not unimportant in the pace of the lead.

Deploy Sales at the moment the customer wish to spar with someone. Or to compare different variants. And finally, to come to the right decision.

Today’s Dilemma: Because of the crisis, people are hesitant and scared.

This dilemma ensures that parties are on the sidelines, indeed, with a too direct approach from Marketing or Sales. Within the sales funnels, we also see this with postponing the decision, being sceptical, risk-averse, and not being available for follow-up discussions.

Read more about how to breakthrough in 5 Tips to get your Sales going.

Creating new Leads

But what can you do to activate lead generation? As far as we’re concerned, the key here is to activate everyone who cares about the company. That means all your employees, ambassadors, and everyone who cares about your company. The advantage of this group is that they bring something to the table:

  • Social Proof
  • Confident
  • Empathy & Emotion
  • Meaning

These are the very things that can break down the erected barriers. By deploying this group, you can make a difference in these uncertain times. But also, in the future, when the economy is full again, this is a group from which you can get valuable lead generation.

What do you have to do to activate this group?

To activate this group, they must know what value you are creating and what problems you are solving, content themes are essential to connect with your target group. With these articles, you use storytelling to make clear what you are solving for the customer. And what value you are creating. By using themes, your new lead providers can link problems to the solutions you offer. Using storytelling makes it easier to maintain the themes.

At Force21, we recommend using tooling to channel lead generation. The tooling should make it possible for your lead providers to post leads. And give a commercial manager a sign when he can start working on it. You can build this into existing software. But there is also specific software for this that you can use to channel this. A possible solution for this is LeadX. A mobile application designed for this problem. It allows everyone to place valuable leads.

Read more about LeadX here and book a demo to see how it works.


To help with the future growth of the company, everybody must generate leads. These leads will give you social proof, confidence, empathy and meaning. Break down the erected barriers of the crisis, but which will also be of great value in the future. Themes and registration are necessary to steer the potential customer in the right direction.

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