Live Insights no. 1
Sales in times of crisis

So, last week we had our 1st online meeting for commercially focused people. On sales, now we are in times of crisis. Worldwide! No appointments, no coffee encounters, no lunches, no physical events. How do you cope with that as a sale person? Salespeople have two primary personal attributes, result-driven and social, in need of contact with other people.

We are all a bit lost

In times of social distancing, salespeople are a bit lost due to the lack of contact. Well, we all are….(read more about the psychology behind it). And as of the first attribute of a salesperson, being result-driven. There is extra pressure in the current situation. Every company is now working on securing cash first and postponing their project and decisions. The direct result is drying up sales funnels.

Results are hard to get at the moment

With sales get nervous. Not only that they seem to miss their quota and targets, but every salesperson needs a result. Sales need traction, activity and deals to have a good feeling (about her- or himself). Without the outlook of closing deals within a reasonable timeframe, they get nervous. Anxious to get more contacts, send out more offerings, mailings, LinkedIn connections and so on.

Live Insight collaboration

Therefore, we decided to launch Live Insight. An online platform to share knowledge and experiences. To have a moment in time to collaborate as salespersons, to share ideas, knowledge. Experiences and findings. To meet and greet again.

Second, we wanted to share how you can still keep selling during these days of the crisis. We see a lot of attempts from salespeople working from anxiety. And the uncomfortable feeling not to close deals attempts that are more annoying as valuable.

What we learned

One of the learnings we did share is that you shouldn’t look at your funnel but at the buying process of your prospect.  And from that, start to raise interest in the value you may bring. Instead of the features you now want to share. Sending out emails on how great you are doesn’t do the trick. Make personal, your value tangible and measurable.

What we learned during the discussion amongst the participants are the following:

  • There still are a lot of industries that grow and need new solutions to support this
  • Even companies that are in crisis-mode are open to learning how you may help
  • Contact persons you approach have more time. As work and meetings have become way more effective
  • It is an excellent period to build and strengthen relations. As we never will forget what happened during this period
  • People that you don’t know yet are very much open for a first quick online meeting and introduction
  • And lastly: Share and give, and do not sell at once!

Camera on! Or off?

All meetings we have in these days are online. The whole sales process has become a non-physical exercise. Teams and any other kind of collaboration and communication platform easily facilitate meetings online. As stated, everybody is open to having these meetings. And there is a constant personal touch to it, as most of us execute these meetings from the living room, bedroom or attic.

From the psychology of humanity, we stated that you should always turn on your camera. Make it personal as we all want to see a face behind a voice. The reasoning behind it is that our optic nerve systems contain around a million nerve fibres (or Axon). Whereas our auditory nerve system has only 30,000. (source: Neuromarketing Armory, Hedda Martina Sola)

Also, we interpret the intentions of a person via their face. An image says more than a thousand words is very valid here. We call this facial coding. We are reading the emotions of the other person from their facial expressions. It is a subconscious process coming from our reptile brain. To assess what kind of behaviour is needed with what kind of facial expression.

So, understanding the theory a bit by now, what do you think? Should you always turn on your camera while in a (new business) online meeting or not?

Let us know your opinion and learn what other people think too!

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