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Automate your sales in 3 steps

Automate sales? Selling is an ABC after all. The way you explain the ABC says a lot about what kind of salesperson you are. We stand for sharing, in giving insight to the market, to our audience and to our prospects. Hence, for us, ABC stands for Always Be Contributing. There are, of course, more AB combinations. Also read our blog about another AB combination.

What is your ABC? A common one is Always Be Closing? And of course salespeople need to renew contracts, close deals, realize new revenue. So, in essence, you have to be Closing all the time. Chasing an autograph. But it all starts with enticing a potential customer.

You need to start sharing relevant content. Start by sharing information that is of value to your prospect. I hear you thinking, right … marketing should do that. And let me tell you, marketing is thinking the same thing. Right, that’s what sales should do. Let’s break down those walls, using automation. Let me give you three methods to help you automate this:

1. Build a digital information library

Immediately the most challenging. As a salesperson, you don’t have time to write blogs, create white papers, record videos or podcasts. What you can do is collect online content. But that remains public knowledge. And of course, in collaboration with marketing, a team of copywriters and video editors can create much more of their own content. But is that relevant?

You need to build a digital information library together. You do this by:

  • Define a content structure and update it regularly. What is on the minds of your target audience(s)?
  • Organize content based on your prospects’ buying process. Start with your view of strategic developments in their market. To how your solutions can help in that
  • Store all your content in a central structured library. Accessible to anyone active in Sales & Marketing
  • Put it online….!

2. Automate communication

Sales should start automating communication with their prospects. Until recently, the personal touch in your communications was the salesperson’s strength. That, of course, is still a powerful tool and necessary. But sales needs to start leveraging the Marketing Automation environment that marketing has acquired. Automation in marketing is the most normal thing in the world. All serious marketing departments have implemented automation in marketing.

Automatethe sales process, or at least track and trace prospects. You can schedule emails that automatically share relevant information via a personal email address. In which you share content, from the above information library with the prospect and existing relationships.

You can also share any sales-related materials, such as presentations and even online meetings. And, of course, the final offer through the marketing automation environment. Don’t you want to know if he or she opened your mail? And opened the attachment? You might even consider putting your offer online. This is a very effective method of analyzing buying behavior, but of course not too personal….

But, start automating your communications.

3. Take advantage of new technologies

New Technologies? Yes… Digitalization is taking a great leap forward with the development of new technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, Deep and Machine Learning, intelligent chatbots, blockchain and many more technologies.

These latest technolgical developments are still developing rapidly. But much is already immediately deployable and already adding value. Current solutions already provide infinite possibilities.

You can use Robotic Process Automation(RPA) to further automate your communication and transfer process. Based on business rules, a robot can collect content, send emails and even respond to incoming emails and requests. Huge time savings!

And in this process, Artificial Intelligence (AI), combined with Deep Learning (DL) can raise the success rate of sales to great heights. If you automate most of the sales process, you can incorporate AI and DL to predict your success rate per prospect and maybe even suggest the best next action to increase the chances of success.

Too far-fetched? Do you feel like you are losing control, or that you are taking the charm out of the sales job? Well, we understand what you are thinking, and yes, not all businesses are suited to this level of automation. Yet this is a development that competitors and new entrants will begin to deploy.

In every step of this digital sales process, we can help you. Together with our hyper-automation partner, we help you automate your sales and increase the success rate. Make an appointment and let us explain how this will work for you, what the pitfalls are and the steps involved in such a process.

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