Commercial Continuity in time of crisis

We are in crisis. No doubt about that. In the 30+ working years, I have never seen such a standstill in activities. We have a lot of customers now asking us if it makes sense to continue their commercial campaigns and activities. Isn’t everybody occupied by this crisis, not able to meet, look at offerings or make decisions? A standstill in certain industries might imply this indeed.

Standstill, standby or still going

The Corona crisis will impact our economy, that’s for sure, but…., does this mean that every business or commercial activity will stop? No!

We see a virtual world emerging in business. And, to be honest, we saw this some years ago already. The online collaboration platforms have enabled us to align online in a very professional and effective way. We as Force21 are internationally active, and for this, we use many tools to communicate and collaborate, like Teams, Slack, Office365 or WhatsApp. Highly effective, efficiënt and productive. Now, in the first days of the Corona crisis, we see more and more people start using these tools. We all go online and will work in virtual teams.

Yet, having platforms to communicate and collaborate doesn’t mean you will be commercially successful. It just changes the method of communicating, that’s all.

Time to pay attention

The best benefit behind the Corona crisis is that business people, certainly in the administrative and operational roles, will get time, and need to be online too. They will get time, not because there is crisis-management to be done, but all meetings, if planned at all, will be highly effective. Where normal internal meetings could take hours, they are now more effective if even conducted at all. So your target audience has more to read and explore. And explore they will!

This crisis is a bit of a wake-up call too. We were all surprised by the speed and impact of this virus somewhere in China for our own businesses. Didn’t we see this coming? Weren’t we prepared? Well, honestly, no were not. So the questions at the table of your target group are, how can we keep our company up and running today? And, what can we do to minimize the impact of such a crisis in the future? He will be open to ready relevant and valuable information regarding his crisis.

I think, in the B2B digitization market that you are all-in, you build a value proposition for both the immediate impact of salvation, as well as the future impact mitigation.

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