Call Baby, Call

It sounds so simple: you, as a Sales Representative, must make contact to get to new customers. Normally you can make contact in different ways. You can visit fairs, go to network events, visit companies (canvasses), make calls, etc.

But whatever your approach is, you need to get in touch. In the current times, many of the contact options have unfortunately disappeared. For example, all events are cancelled. And it is almost impossible to visit a prospect.

During the crisis: Sales is dead.

It seems impossible to contact potential customers in these times. The early stages of our sales funnels that we were so attached to are disappearing? And everyone knows that this has major consequences for the whole year. This sales year is already gone! Is it?

Changing times

Because of the great changes in society in these turbulent times, we all see small and big changes. People and companies adapt very quickly in this changing world. Teaching at home, shopping online, individual sports activities, etc.… People and companies have opened to other solutions to make the best of the current situation.

Crisis Value Proposition

By thinking about a Crisis Value Proposition, you can bring out your unique value. And plant it in the very fertile ground of change. People and companies are open to change. We know that things must change because the old ways are no longer possible. We need to change to survive.

As a company or person, you can make a difference if you combine these two things to help companies:

  1. Crisis Value Proposition
  2. Open to change

But everything stands or falls with making contact. You must bring this unique offer to attend. Now, you need to get in touch. And the means for this is:



Use the “traditional” mobile phone or Video calling to get in touch with your audience. Your potential customer has time to listen to a compelling story. With contact and a compelling story, you can make this a brilliant Sales year. And soon after we have overcome this. Your new customer will remember this situation. And link your approach and solution to the victorious change that they made.

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