How to automate your sales in 3 Steps

Automate Sales? I thought that sales is an ABC. Now, the way you explain the ABC may say a lot about what type of sales you are.  We stand for sharing, in giving insights to the market and our audience, our prospects. You have to contribute. Hence, ABC, for us, stands for Always Be Contributing. There are more AB combinations, of course.

What is your ABC? Always Be Closing? Salespersons need to close contracts, make deals, realise new income. Of course. So, in essence, you need to be Closing all the time. Yes, you have (online) sales meetings, present your solutions and send out proposals. Hunting for a signature.

You should start sharing relevant content. Start sharing information that is of value to your prospect. I hear you thinking, right… marketing should do that. And let me tell you, marketing feels the same. Right, that is what sales should do. Let’s tear down those walls, how? Automate Sales! Let me give you three methods to help you organise this:

1. Build a digital content pool

The most challenging one. As sales, you don’t have the time to write blogs, create whitepapers, make video’s or podcasts. You can organise collecting online content. But, that remains public knowledge. And of course, marketing can have a team of copywriters, and video editors and more create a lot of content. However, is that relevant?

You do need to build a digital pool of content, together. You do this by:

  • Define a content structure and update this regularly. What is on top of mind of your target group(s)?
  • Organise the content according to the buying circle of your prospects. Start with your view of the strategic developments in their market. Up to how your solutions can help
  • Store all your content in a central structured pool. Accessible to anyone active in Sales & Marketing
  • Put it online….!

2. Automate communication

Sales should start to automate her communication with their prospect. Up to now, the personalisation of your communication was also the power behind sales. That is, of course, still very viable and necessary. But sales should start using the Marketing Automation environment that marketing has acquired.  Having automation in marketing is expected, all serious marketing departments must-have marketing automation.

Automate the sales process, or at least tracked and traced via this environment.  You can schedule content sharing mails, via a personal email address in this tool. In which you share content, from the content pool mentioned above with their contact persons.

Also, share all sales-related materials, like presentations and even online meetings. And of course offerings via the marketing automation environment. Don’t want to know if he or she opened your mail? And opened the attachment?  You may even consider putting your offering online. Which is a very effective method of tracing buying behaviour, but of course not too personal…. But, start to automate your communication.

3. Use NewTech

NewTech? Yes..! Digitisation is taking a giant leap forward with the development of new technology like robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Deep and Machine Learning, Intelligent Chatbots, Blockchain, and many more technologies.

As it is the latest and greatest, this industry and its use are very much in development. Yet, the solutions you may think of are more or less limitless.

You could use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in helping you further automating your communication and sharing process. Based on business rules, a Robot may collect the content, send out emails, and even respond to incoming emails and requests. Huge time saver!

And, in this process, Artificial Intelligence (AI), combined with Deep Learning (DL) may increase the success rate of sales to great heights. If you automate most of the sales process, you can incorporate AI and DL to predict your success rate per prospect and may even propose the best next action to increase the success chances.

Too farfetched? Feels like losing control, or taking the charm out of the sales job?  Well, I do understand what you are thinking, and yes, not all businesses are fit for this level of automation. Nevertheless, this is a development that will come soon.

In every step of this digital sales journey, we can help you. Together with our hyper-automation partner, we help you automate your sales and increase the success rate. Just make an appointment and let us explain how this will work for you, what the pitfalls are, and what steps such a process hold.

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