Ajax 1 and the Cloud

In principle, of course, these two giants have nothing to do with each other. The football club will probably fill its IT with Cloud services, but the team Ajax 1? Yet, there is a connection between the two. Let me explain.

(Public) Cloud benefits

The other day, we organized a webinar together with Reassure about the value of Microsoft Azure (watch the recording of this webinar here). This webinar was about the aspects that a Public Cloud service like Azure offers. Such as scalability, flexibility, pay-per-use, capacity without limits, etc.
So many features and functionalities provide value to a company’s IT environment.

A Cloud solution, including a Public Cloud, is a standard service. Based on this service, we also see service providers touting specific advantages. In comparison, those elements do not fit the clients . They need an environment that works for them, and both need content and emotion. A customized environment that helps their applications and organization to progress.

Functions & Features

Ajax 1 and customization

There is the link with Ajax 1. Last week, Erik ten Hag, coach of Ajax 1, shared how he keeps his players fit and thus employable. Fit players deliver better performances and, thus, a higher result.

In the magazine Voetbal International Ten Hag says the following about the programme:
“Within a specific bandwidth, we look per week. But also per training, what each player approximately has to deliver. Of course, you also have to train at higher speeds because it is proven that if you don’t do that, you are more susceptible to muscle injuries. But if you do too much, you are again vulnerable to such injuries. So it’s a matter of steering continuously, of tailoring each player’s game.

And this analogy also applies to the workloads that applications must perform for the various processes in an organization. Not only speed and intensity but also in time, like a team. Sometimes we need top performance and sometimes it is possible to take it easy.

This is where Cloud can play a role—supporting the dynamics of the various application workloads within an organization in different ways and at other times. And monitor them and thus keep them fit.

Custom versus One-Size-Fits-All

A Blind or Antony?

Finding the exact value of this is more than explaining the extreme flexibility and deployability of the Cloud. It is about understanding your customer’s business and which applications and workloads play a role. And by analogy, knowing whether those processes are more like a Daley Blind or an Antony.

To understand that, you have to dive into the world of your customer. To do that well, you need to focus on a particular type of organization and target group. So how do you do that exactly?

That is what we at Force21 can help you with. Using a specific method for Service Providers, we help you determine the value of your organization for your target group. Would you like to know more about how you can grow with this? Please get in touch with me.

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