Portfolio Innovation

We build business value in your portfolio. Translate and package the future needs of your customers in a balanced set of solutions.

Force21 - Portfolio Innovations

Speed up your grow by innovating your portfolio
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Building Value Added Solutions

We build a roadmap based on the strategy, core value and market demands, building value-based solutions.

Value Proposition

Ever felt what it feels to stand with one leg on a boat and the other on a shore? We did many years ago when it came to the speed in which the markets and customers changed. How could we create products and services for customers if the developments moved so fast? We learned to go back to the customers. And work with a method that taught us to understand the patterns of value creation. And how we could leverage the experience and skills of teams with designing and delivering customers’ need. One of the toolsets we use is the value proposition canvas.

Solution packaging

Many solutions offer an isolated set of features, where customers tend to focus on the problems to be solved. Packaging and repackaging your solutions means we create an appealing set of instruments, that connect both on rational and emotional aspects within the buyer’s decision process.

Pricing strategy

There are many ways to determine your pricing.  Setting targeted pricing models for different markets, regions, countries or market segments, can make a massive difference in the overall customer value. However, never underestimate the power of transparency in the internet age. Always be prepared to carefully justify pricing differences by substantiating the differences in the services and solutions offered.

Innovation roadmap

Who determines the innovation in your portfolio? Will, your vendors, decide the direction, or will you draw up your plan. Start your Innovation Roadmap by balancing customer trends and demands,  innovations brought by tech vendors and the ambitions and skills of your team.  Rise above the general types of designs and start creating a sequel to product-market innovations that fit the needs of existing and new customers.

Up- & Cross sell

Up-selling and cross-selling are often mentioned in one sentence and may offer substantial contributions to your growth. Where cross-selling means you provide products and services that enhance your customer’s experience, up-selling means you offer your customers comparable products on the higher-end than the one they have or know. By tracking down customer needs and analysing user data, both cross- and up-selling propositions can offer distinct benefits increasing profit and anticipating customer’s needs.

Speed up your grow by innovating your portfolio:

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