Growing is one thing. Growing with the right customers is the right thing. Captivate your target audiences. Learn to master the art of data-driven engagement. Start converting conversations by grabbing your buyers by the hand with the latest proven marketing techniques.

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Marketing development & lead generation

Marketing is the ultimate blend of human behaviour and technology.  Finding out what drives your customers is a continuous process in which we always tune into the needs and expectations of prospects and customers. New science in which we create, compare, measure and evaluate to quantify and understand behaviour in every step taken by customers in their sales journey. All in service to reach the maximum effects in your marketing funnel.

Lets build that funnel

Growth means more of everything. More leads, more sales, more satisfied customers which leads to more turnover and profit. It all starts by building and nurturing a list of engaged contacts that love your brand. Ok, work to be done. Let’s dive into the marketing and sales process to find the answers that guide us to and through the mind of our target audiences straight to the one solution, ‘Yes’ from first awareness to long term happy customers. Go through the marketing and sales funnel. Analyse, rebuild, run and maximise. Get synchronised with the customer journey to grow and optimise your revenue streams.


Where will your business growth bring you? Crossing borders into unexplored new countries, new markets, new products or services?  Whatever your plans are, when it comes to execution, you want to rule out uncertainties with a go-to-market tactical action plan.

Get energised with a healthy excitement of making steps in new directions, embracing new opportunities. Outlines the tactical steps necessary to succeed in launching new products or services, to re-launching that brand, or move successful products into new markets.

Take out uncertainties, do the go-to-market steps check, challenge your

  1. Product-market fit
  2. Audience and buyers characteristics.
  3. Target group trends
  4. Competition landscape
  5. Ability to meet the needed marketing and or sales intensity

Growth hacking

Growth hacking is a relatively new field where multiple disciplines melt together with marketing.  Growth hackers in general zoom in on finding smarter, low-cost alternatives to traditional marketing, thus optimising cost and maximising lead generation. A Growth hacking team contains marketers, developers, engineers and product managers all focusing on building and engaging the user base of your business.

Though the primary goal of growth hacking is to acquire as many users or customers as possible, growth hacking techniques are often used in early-stage innovation to find product/market-fit or to achieve rapid growth in the early stages of launching new products or services.

Target Customer Group

Growth is excellent; growing with the right customers is fantastic. We want to approach those target groups that not only are most likely to offer the highest conversion rates but are also the customers that generate the best life-time-customer value. Clients that invigorate your brand and act as the most dedicated ambassadors. Who are they and where and how can we approach them?

  1. Choose the perfect target audience for your offering by analysing your customer data,
  2. Find patterns by combining customer data with context and content subjects and channels,
  3. Create customer journeys, and persona’s for better personalisation

Marketing Automation

When creating content, we have one objective: Creating Trust. Sincerity and relevance are essential when it comes to creating valuable marketing content. We have to rise above all the beautiful information on products and services. Why? We humans are not rational all the time; we’re human. Creating content that works comes from really understanding what makes our customers tick. The fastest way to learn is by being honest to yourself. Relevance is all about empathy. You can start right away.

Dig deep; what kind of information did you read, watch or listen to, the last 48 hours? Connect with your audience by showing empathy for their motivations, emotions, and needs.  Did the content you consumed had anything to do with;

  1. Creating emotional resonance | Know the pains, fears, frustrations and anxieties, know their gains; hopes, dreams, needs and wants)
  2. Creating relevance | Deliver content that connects to customer journeys, addressing what goes on in the life of our audience)
  3. Create inspiration | Inform and surprise
Increase your market engagement, accelerate your marketing funnel & lead generation
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