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Setting the Future
Strategy & Positioning

Develop your strategy to the latest market developments and your core values.

Building your

  • DNA
  • Ambition
  • Identity
  • Positioning
  • Goals
Building Solutions
Portfolio Innovation

A roadmap based on the strategy, core value and market demands, building value based solutions

Developing your:

  • Value Proposition
  • Solutions Packaging
  • Pricing strategy
  • Innovation Roadmap
  • Up- & cross sell
Lead Generation
Marketing Development

Lead generation by addressing your target market via a content driven, neuromarketing strategy

Setting up your:

  • Go-to-Market
  • Target Customer Groups
  • Relevant Content creation
  • Growth Hacking
  • Market Automation
Closing the deal
Sales Improvement

Guiding and improving sales in lead conversion while selling value instead of the features.

Organise your:

  • Prospect Journeys
  • Social Selling
  • Neuro Sales
  • Sales tooling
  • Content sharing

Your commercial results will improve!  Constant flow of multi channel lead generation, higher margin solutions portfolios with more added value per customer, and of course, increased sales conversion. We deliver improvement programs with an integrated view on Marketing, Sales and Portoflio Innovation. 

Offerings .

We deliver services and solutions varying from inspiration workshops, to the set-up and execution  of complete commercial improvement programs. From our standard solutions building blocks, we can derive a specific improvement program for your situation. 

Awareness & Insights

Sharing insights in the latest technological and commercial developments, We create awareness of your situation and your opportunities. Hands-on suggestions for Marketing, Portfolio innovation and Sales

Analyse & Advise

We execute an in-depth analysis of your commercial situation and advise improvements. We also share the expected impact on your results, for - Short term - Mid term - Long term

Commercial Programs

We execute commercial programs for our customers. We run a complete commercial program or marketing campaigns, sales execution or portfolio development packaged to your situation

The activities we execute and provide during these programs and projects are amongst others: 

Inspiration workshops

Consultancy & Advise

Projects & Implementations

Training & Coaching

Execution & Interim