Our value added partners

We work with a set of partners that are specialized in specific knowledge area’s or activities. We have partners in lead generation, content creation, specific cloud expertise or solutions.

ProSpex - Amsterdam


specialist in B2B-leadgeneration

ProSpex is our partner in executing lead generation campaigns. The base of their activites¬† benchmark survey campaigns, from which they generate SQL and MQL’s, and create relevant content.

ABCB - Oslo


International Sales Partner

ABCB is our partner in executing linternational sales campaigns. ABCB is a Norwegian based sales-as-a-service organisation, and acts as a growth enabler for small and medium sized companies who want to expand into new markets

RedPeaks- Vancouver


Capital Advisory

Redpeaks is a Vancouver-based capital advisory firm that helps and mentors early stage IT firms on seed, angel and venture financing as well as M&A. . Redpeaks also manages a portfolio of angel investments in IT, Healthtech and Cleantech.