The world of IT is changing

The IT market is one of the youngest and agile markets around. Innovation and new developments in customer demands and available technology are constant.  This delivers a huge opportunity for Service Providers and Software Vendors. However, most are unable to leverage the full potential this market holds for them. 


Over 80% of the IT providers have grown from mastering technology. Offering product based services, and managing their daily operations. Up to today, this was all was needed to grow in  business. A traditional approach in executing sales was enough to act upon customer demands. 


Why change and innovate when current margins are 30% or more and growth is 20% year over year? You as an IT Provider or Software Vendor are more than comfortable. For now. Newcomers in this market act from the latest market developments, understand the changing needs and know how to act upon that.  Without any legacy, they develop new technologies into business solutions that fit the changing demands of the market. Of your customers! 


We help innovate the commercial approach of IT companies that deliver IT services in a monthly based model, or have the ambition to do so. 

IT Service Providers

IT Service Providers traditionally provide technological based IT  services and products to support the business of their customers. The added value of an IT Provider lies in the knowledge of the solution, not so much the business of their customers. 

The rapid developments in Office 365 and Azure from Microsoft, as well as public Clouds like AWS and Google will change the way of offering, positioning and selling for providers. The future opportunities at their customers are business targeted, pay-per-use IT solutions. 


Service Providers with their IT service and technology DNA, need to change their commercial model from a feature based offering to a business value based proposition. 

Software Vendors

Software vendors develop solutions that supports specific business functions or processes at their customers. Varying from core business process systems or collaboration between employees or companies. Subscription and business based demands are changing the business of ISV´s.

Customers want business solutions, delivered in a monthly subscription model.  ISV’s, with their development and feauture DNA, need to solve the monthly services and business challenge coming  from this demand.

Selling business focused, subscription based software solutions requires a new commercial approach. Focus on the dynamics of your customers, what do you solve uniquely? What type of companies, or business processes. Focus is key.  Force21 can assist in redefining the business model, build a usage based portfolio and set-up the go to market models