We believe in creating the difference

Driven to help providers move forward, seeing the digital opportunties in the market, and having fun in working with people, Thijs van Hofwegen established Force21.

With a standardized approach, our experiences, beliefs, and latest insights, we implement succesfull commercial organizations. You can trust us to change the commercial  attitude, methods and execution to seize your opportunity in the market.

We are a balanced mix of commercially driven professionals. With years of experiences in the Cloud and Provider market, we know how to leverage your company commercially.

Our Team .

Thijs van Hofwegen

Thijs has an extensive commercial experience at various IT Providers. Cloud born, driven to make the difference and build new business, Values the personal relationships. His last role was CCO at Keenondots

Tjarko Kwee (partner)

Tjarko is highly experienced commercial director working at several hosting and cloud providers. He is driven to enable repeatable business, monitoring results daily. His last role was Sales Director at KPN Interned Services.

Fleur Schoo

Fleur is a result driven marketeer, able to create a balanced marketing mix  that delivers a constant flow of leads. She had positions in marketing in the IT. Her last role was marketing manager Benelux at Citrix.

Martijn van Zoeren

Martijn is a commercially driven general manager. He understands that sustainable growth and value for Cloud Providers must be done via focus on the commercial part of a company.  His last role was CEO of DutchCloud.

Erik Simons

Erik has a career with a broad range of different commercial roles and activities, for instance at one the Dutch Leading Cloud Providers, Uniserver. He helps service providers with a holistic view on commerces and success.

Wieger Toering

Wieger has a demonstrated sales & consultancy history  in the technology and information industry. He is a trusted advisor from strategy to closing business. He operates in large and corporate markets.

Eric Vredeveldt

Eric is an experienced executive in the hosting and cloud market. He knows how to translate the latest technical developments and market demands into successfull commercial portfolios. One of his roles was CEO of Previder.

Peadar Ó Baoighill (UK)

Peader is an experienced new business development manager, able to create business from scratch in the Hosting and Cloud branche. He truly understands the power of  monthly services in the IT Channel.

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